One Community: Website Redesign to increase volunteer engagement and visibility

  • unclear organization objectives
  • difficult to navigate the website
  • unclear/difficult website functionality and user flow
  • difficulty in understanding website content and purpose
  • Young volunteers (children, high schoolers, teens, etc) — need for clear involvement opportunities and contact information, need for clarity in organization information to understand objectives and purpose
  • Community members(patrons greatly varying in age) — need for user friendliness and clarity in organization information in order to navigate the website
  • Ethnically/Culturally diverse members and audiences — need for understanding One Community values and feel welcomed
  • Partner Organizations and Businesses — need for clear involvement opportunities and contact information
  • Provided a weekly deliverables, clarifications, or ideas to the client to get feedback
  • Conducted user research through interviewing current One Community members and a broad set of users
  • Targeted redesign so the new website would be easy to navigate as more components are added
  • Conducted usability testing
  • Completed design sprints by the scheduled deadlines throughout the project timeline



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