National Alliance for Volunteer Engagement: A website to reflect a new iteration of volunteer engagement

Project Summary

The National Alliance for Volunteer Engagement

What They Needed

Project Objectives

  • A complete website prototype characterized by The Alliance’s fresh feel
  • A new logo
  • Video hosting functionality
  • Improved navigation and interactive elements

Research and Design Decisions

User Stories


A screenshot of black-and-white wireframes created in Figma. The wireframes include ‘home’, ‘about us’, ‘meet the team’, ‘contact’, ‘research’, ‘call to action’, and ‘statements’ sections.
Preliminary wireframes for the proposed website.


A screenshot of the fully-styled prototype created in Figma.
A fully-styled prototype of the proposed website.



The original logo for The National Alliance For Volunteer Engagement, featuring purple and red typography.
The redesigned logo for The National Alliance for Volunteer Engagement, featuring a stylized violet/blue/yellow circle.
The original logo (left) and the redesigned logo (right).


The navigation bar for the new website. The “Useful Info” tab is currently highlighted, expanding to show options to view “Case Studies” and “Statements”.
The new website’s navigation bar.

Home Page

The redesigned homepage.

About Page

The redesigned “About” page.

Team Page

The redesigned “Meet The Team” page.

Research Page

The redesigned “Research” page.


The redesigned “Resource” pages.


The Team



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