Computers2Kids: A Mobile Application to better enable low-income families to gain access to C2K’s resources

  • apply to become a C2K customer depending on their income, family members, and needs
  • login to their accounts to access and stay updated on their order statuses and tech support requests
  • order computers and choose billing payments (prepaid in full or partial, or pay during a pickup appointment)
  • request for tech support (in person or on the phone)
  • update their personal information and order statuses if needed
  • make it easy to keep track of their customers’ requests and information
  • establish a design system for consistent visual design (especially for future designers and developers maintaining the app)
  • design a platform using a minimal budget and including all the features they desired
  • keeping the customers in mind, which are primarily low-income, predominantly Spanish-speaking families
  • write production-quality code and design a quality system capable of handling 30,000 customer usage



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