BreaktheTide: Crowdfunding Website for Underprivileged Communities

Develop for Good
2 min readAug 23, 2021


Winter 2021
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Project Summary

BreaktheTide is a new organization whose purpose is to create a personal impact in a crowdfunding platform. They focus on areas such as education and vocational training, self-employment and sustainable livelihood, small and social businesses, and restarting and restoring life. The goal is to create a website that portrays an accurate and appealing image of BreaktheTide. In doing so, the results will be a live published website in addition to template pages for future progression of the organization.

The Team

Maggie Cheung — Co-Product Manager, Designer, Developer
Xiomara Linares — Co-Product Manager, Product Designer
Antara Gandhi — Developer

The Challenge

BreaktheTide has had a difficult time trying to partner with individuals and nonprofit organizations because they don’t have a website that informs people who they are and why they should partner with them.

The goal for this project was to create a minimalist website that portrays what BreaktheTide does. In addition we need to create template pages that lets donors and nonprofits view all of the current and past projects that BreaktheTide partners with for their crowdfunding platform.

Some constraints that we faced were that this website must be created in three months using WordPress.


We created a website that informs people about what BreaktheTide does and reasons why donors and nonprofits should partner with them. The website helps build trust between donors and BreaktheTide by showing that they will be transparent and hold themselves accountable.


  • Increased BreaktheTide’s brand awareness and credibility as a nonprofit
  • Created trust between donors and BreaktheTide by showing them that their money will be used properly
  • Allowed people and nonprofits to easily apply to have their fundraiser featured on the BreaktheTide website



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