Amelior8 Platform Development: Allowing NGOs to Share Resources and Knowledge

Fall 2020

Develop for Good is an intercollegiate technology/design organization that aims to generate social good by providing web app and development services with non-profits. Some of our most notable partners include UNICEF, the World Bank, the Nature Conservancy and the World Health Organization. Check us out at!

Project Summary

The Amelior8 platform enables foundations to issue funds to Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and receive real-time updates about their progress and impact.

The Challenge

Some of the main technical challenges we tackled during this project include:

Relationship between registered orgs and registered users

  • Linking users to organizations
  • Verifying users and organizations
  • Authenticating admin who can change organization page information
  • Changing user information when moving to a different nonprofit organization, getting a different email address/name/etc

Search and recommendation

  • Allowing organizations can find other organizations
  • Showing the most relevant recommendations to each user
  • Improving search: search relevance, stop words, word stemming, indexing
  • Connecting processes with Google Firebase API for faster runtime

Future maintenance

  • Designing platform to require as little technical maintenance and budget as possible
  • Implementing tools that would allow employees from non-software engineering backgrounds to modify the database, manage the page support forum, update pictures, verify organization registration, etc

The Team

Tran Le (PM), Stanford ‘24
Anirudh Singh, Northeastern ‘21
George Zhuang, Cornell ‘23
Nisarg Dharia, MIT ‘23
Nishita Chintalapudi, USC ‘22
Susan Jang, Virginia ‘20

Our Solution

View our project here:

Data relationship:

  • Designed NoSQL Firebase database to connect between users and organizations
  • Used code authentication through email

Search and recommendation:

  • Implemented search using collected data including location and sector
  • Built back-end routes to speed up querying process

Future maintanance:

  • Researched different technical options and tradeoffs
  • Leveraged APIs to make future maintenance simpler
  • Created a comprehensive list of anticipated costs and technical issues

Project Screenshots

Welcome page
Resource Upload
Resource Download
Chat page
Question/Answer page

Our Impact

The team created a platform that drives social betterment. NGOs that serve people in places as diverse as India, Africa, and Australia will be on board, and they will be working to eradicate issues as large and complex as poverty, malnutrition, and discrimination. Amelior8 will make that work easier and ensure they positively impact more lives.




Volunteer students and recent graduates creating digital tools for nonprofit organizations.

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Develop for Good

Develop for Good

Volunteer students and recent graduates creating digital tools for nonprofit organizations.

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