AARP: Personalized Chronic Health Nutrition App Design

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Project Summary

We worked with a multi-disciplinary team at a large national nonprofit organization during Fall 2020. We designed an interactive prototype of a personalized nutrition app geared to the 50+ who have a chronic illness . The goal of the nutrition solution was to provide personalized meal plans based on dietary needs connected to health. The solution they were looking for included the following things:

  1. Connects to a patient portal
  2. Educates users on nutrition
  3. Personalizes nutrition for meal planning
  4. Gives guidance on shopping list

The Challenge

Many older adults are confused when it comes to determining their healthy weekly meal plans. With this nutrition app, we make it easy for them to take care of health with minimal frustrations.

This is the persona we were provided to build to keep in mind during our wireframe process:

Age 59
Motivation: Strives to eat healthy to manage Diabetes
Pain Point: Struggles to get to stores with healthy options; Pays premium for prescription-has to cut budget elsewhere; Does not own a car; Lives alone

The Team

Product Manager
Isabel Wang, Stanford University

Alex Luckerman, Vanderbilt University
Haeli Baek, Stanford University
Isabel Wang, Stanford University
Michelle Leung, Stanford University
Tomasz Wiercioch, Brooklyn College
Trisha Guttal, Cornell University

Our Solution

We conducted a competitive analysis for the team. This helped us get a big picture overview of the types of ways we could design the various app features.

We designed several mood boards to help the team identify the look and feel of the app experience.

We created several rounds of wireframes. These were shown to consumers via an online tool. Once the nonprofit received feedback we used that to iterate the designs. There were a few rounds of designs.

We created the final prototype for the nutrition app.

When we concluded the nonprofit was in the process of validating the prototype with their target consumers.

Due to NDA, we are unable to go further into detail and show any deliverables for this project.

Our Impact

We saved the nonprofit thousands of dollars by developing a prototype for use in their consumer feedback and validation studies.



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