1Day Sooner: Using Data and UI/UX to Combat COVID-19


  • Emily Xu (PM-Data), UC Berkeley ’21
  • Alex Hu (PM-Design), NYU Stern ’22
  • Olivia Chang, CSU Long Beach ‘21
  • Katherine Yang, Dartmouth ’21
  • Lilian Wang, Maryland ’20
  • Sohini Kar, MIT ‘22
(Left to right) Emily, Alex, and Olivia
(Left to right): Katherine, Lilian, and Sohini

Before: Landing Page

After: Redesigned Landing Page

Redesigning the Website

  • Renovate the main navigation and create better information grouping
  • Clean up the pages, add more visualizations and cut some clutter and text
  • Improve the branding with a more limited color palette and typography
  • Maintain strong call-to-action buttons for volunteering, advocacy, and donating
  • How well it aids the user in their goals
  • How well it addresses the problems we identified
  • Usability of the site
  • Ease of implementation into Squarespace
  • Changing relevant titles (“Get Involved” is not as personable as “Volunteer Hub”, which provides more of a community-like connotation)
  • Changing certain icons to best represent the use cases and headings
  • Formatting the “Fight the Pandemic” section differently to match the “Toolkits” section
  • Getting rid of the grey colors in the “What We Do” and “Donate” pages, and maintaining the same style as the “Visions, Goals & Principles” page
  • Revamped the main navigation, used dropdowns to better group individual pages and improve the user experience
  • Created and added visualizations and interactions for trial vaccine risks and severity of death, funding equity map, and volunteer map
  • Removed clutter and text by using images, infographics, and visualizations
  • Modernized color palette with a more golden yellow and deeper navy blue
  • Maintained strong call-to-action buttons for volunteering, advocacy, and donating by emphasizing them through visual hierarchy and color theory principles
  • Combined repetitive pages to clean up user flow, avoided broken links and unpolished websites by fully redesigning every page
  • Constant communication
  • Maintaining an iterative UX design process
  • Weekly work sessions

Visualizing the Data

Before: A Spreadsheet Screencap

After: An Interactive Tool

Before: Static Text

After: An Interactive Tool




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